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The “Breath Theatre”

Since Belly Dancing is an Art among arts, the theatre is the place where it achieves its most natural expression. Under the artistic direction of Maria Strova, who sees the stage as “a point of passage between light and dark, a place to discover and to explore, where one enters the universe of dreams and the mystery of dance”, the “Breath Theatre” was designed – architecturally and technically – to give maximum value to the performance arts and to promote a fusion of words, movement, and music that opens one up to experimentation, fostering research and workshops. Planned by architect Paolo Portoghesi, it is a multipurpose structure endowed with modern technology that facilitates new performance solutions: the steps where the audience sits, which can accommodate up to 99 people, can be completely retracted to augment the space and gain another six metres in depth. The main hall is located at the top of the steps, and the rehearsal rooms are located next to the stage.

photogallery 2011